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Monday, July 17, 2006

Wildlife damage resources online

The 1964-1979 Bird Control Seminars Proceedings are now available online, courtesy of the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management. Other digital collections available from ICWDM include:

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Buy books online, UI Library gets referral fee!

A timely reminder from the Main Library:

The holiday season is upon us! Make this year's gift giving a bit easier by
completing your holiday shopping via the library's new Buy a Book Service (BABS).
If you shop via the library's Buy a Book Service page, a small
portion of each BABS sale will go back to the university.

You can access the BABS page by clicking on the following URL:
There is also a link to the BABS page on the Office of Collections homepage:

The UIUC Library has established a “Buy a Book” Service, which provides a convenient way to locate books online for purchase AND benefit the Library’s collections. Online purchases from select vendors will provide modest referral fees, which will be used to help add more books to the Library’s collections.

Visit to access booksellers. For online offerings, use the “Exit Illinois” links to search for items and order them for direct shipment to your office or home. Please support the library by using this service when shopping for books online.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Books Display

The new books display in the INHS Library has been updated. These books will be on display through August 22. To reserve a book on the new books display, please write your name on the blue streamer in the book. We'll route it to you when it comes off display.

You can also browse new titles by library, subject, date added, call number or language using New Titles @ the University Library.

Non-roman character searching in Online Catalog

One of the changes in our upgraded catalog is the ability to search using non-roman alphabets (e.g., Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic, etc.).

On library public terminals, you can click the two-letter language code on the bottom right of the task bar to select a language other than English. Use keyboard to type phonetic equivalents of non-roman characters.

Not all catalog records have the non-roman equivalents of the anglicized titles, authors, and subjects, but many do, with many non-roman alphabets represented. Records added to the catalog from now on will have these added where appropriate.

Friday, July 07, 2006

New INHS Tech Reports Search Interface

We have transferred the data from the INHS Technical Reports Database into RefWorks. The new RefWorks interface offers improved search and results management capabilities. We are in the process of standardizing author names and adding descriptors for geographic locations and species. NEW INHS TECHNICAL REPORTS DATABASE

If you'd like to compare, the old version is here: OLD INHS TECHNICAL REPORTS DATABASE
(select Technical Reports from the pull-down menu).

Comments on the new interface, as well as any corrections/additions to the data are most welcome.