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Thursday, June 04, 2009

INHS Publications Soon to be Available Online

The INHS Bulletin, Circular, Biological Notes, and Reports are in the process of being digitized by the University Library’s Digital Content Creation Dept. When finished they will be available in the Illinois Harvest Database.

We have slowly been sending other resources to be digitized such as the CTAP Reports, INHS Manual vols.1-4, Forbe’s Fishes of Illinois and Atlas, Ornithology of Illinois by Robert Ridgeway, and the 1978 Illinois Natural Areas Inventory Technical Report. The INHS library also participated in the digitization of the Illinois Biological Monographs, and the Field Museum’s Fieldiana Series.

Also a reminder that you can find full text copies of most of the INHS Technical Reports in the IDEALS University repository ( Susan Braxton developed an Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability community to help locate Institute materials.

IDEALS is the digital repository for research and scholarship - including published and unpublished papers, datasets, video and audio - produced at the University of Illinois. All faculty, staff, and graduate students can deposit into IDEALS. Please contact the library staff if you have any questions at 333-6892 or