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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Difficulties with the on-line catalog

We have been experiencing performance problems with I-Share this week—slow response time, system timeouts, and problems with transactions not completing successfully under these conditions. We are taking a two pronged approach to the problem:

In the short term, and as a temporary ameliorative measure, we are going to do the following:

As of this evening, we will revert to a 5 minute session time out in WebVoyage. This setting was increased to 10 minutes recently, and we will return to that value, performance permitting, as soon as possible.

Also, as of this evening, we will temporarily be shutting off the “new books” feature that connects to the Universal Catalog. This service is not necessarily causing the performance problems, but it has the capability of creating additional sessions in WebVoyage as users investigate the availability status of the new materials they find in these lists, and additional sessions under these performance conditions simply aggravates the problem. Again, this service will be reinstated as soon as performance permits.

We know people really like the longer session timeouts and the new books service and will reinstate them both just as soon as it is prudent to do so.

In the second approach the problem, we are planning to make some configuration changes in the software infrastructure over the coming weekend. Please inform your colleagues that we will be taking Voyager offline at 5pm, this Friday, January 19 to do this work. We expect the system to be back online by 8am on Saturday. The new books service will remain disabled and the shorter timeout will remain in effect after this maintenance until further notice.

Please watch this list for further announcements, and as always, we appreciate your patience and support during this process.

Kristine Hammerstrand